Hotel de Fides

Hotel de Fides is a family-oriented hotel overlooking the Cancabato Bay. It is the perfect place to go to for an amazing atmosphere and venue. The ambience of the hotel is relaxing and pleasant from its thematic, to its general location. The service also aims to meet guest standards and leave a lasting positive impression upon them. Hotel de Fides will stay true to its name and be faithful to your standards for “Fides” means faith in Latin.


Our vision is to be one of the one of the most competent hotels in Region 8.


We are dedicated to provide excellent service and accommodation to make a lasting positive impression upon our guests.

Core Values

F - FAITHFULNESS to our work, company, and company standards

I - INTEGRITY and honesty is maintained to fellow coworkers and guests for credibility

D - DISCIPLINE is observed among the staff to maintain good behavior and actions even when no one is looking

E - EXCELLENCE is pursued as we aim to become better as an individual and a company

S - SINCERITY to guests and coworkers. Very approachable, kind, and helpful to everyone